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Eye Marker, a solution to prevent disappearance during outdoor activities in infant and child facilities


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Company introduction

As the social structure changes, Korea, which advocates a welfare state, spends more than 30% of the national budget in the health and welfare field, but IT services for the socially disadvantaged are still insufficient.

In addition, the information market for social welfare is a market with unlimited potential for Korea, where the IT infrastructure is generally developed in society and we are facing an age of super-aging.

Kyungsung Technology Co., Ltd. will strive to provide high-quality social welfare services by developing an IT convergence-complex system targeting the weak in society and providing it to social welfare facilities

Business information

1. Necklace type, back attachment type child Identification Device
- chiild identification devices with necklaces and backrests are provided to identify children far away during outdoor activities. (Applying the symbol and color design of daycare centers only)

2. Collective Personnel Identification Service for Outdoor Activities
- Using the teacher's mobile device, automatically check the participating children before outdoor activities.
During outdoor activities, the number of people can be identified and the automatic number of group activities can be identified from time to time.(lt has the ability to check the number of people and identify those who have fallen into outdoor activities.)

3. Services to prevent desertion during outdoor activities
- If child in charge of the teacher's responsibility is found to be at risk of deviating from a certain distance, it can be notified to the teacher's mobile device to respond quickly.(Preventing disappearance and abduction during outdoor activities)
4. Early response service to find child in case of missing child
- When teacher discovers that a particular child missing, he or she can use a mobile app to search only for signals from a particular child's device to find the child. Enable rapid and early response.

5. Function that can be found together in the event of child disappearance
- ln the event of child disappearance, an alarm is provided to inform teachers, parents, etc. who participated in outdoor activities. Mobile scanning allows all participants to find infants early by expanding their search scope.

6. A service that links to nearby police stations and hospitals in ease of emergency.
- The teacher can report to the police station. At this time, accurate reporting can be made by including information on the appearance characteristics, age, gender, and name of children. You can connect directly to your doctor's hospital and leave phone records on the system.