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Exhibition Overview

Exhibition Overview

Exhibition Overview : 일시, 전시 공간, 참여기업을 표시하는 표입니다.
Date 28th ~ 30th SEP 2022
Venue Busan BEXCO Convention Center, Exhibition CenterⅡ
Target International & Domestic cloud companies and Related companies in each industry
Participant Domestic Cloud companies


No Business classification Company Name Product information Phone Homepage Online exhibition
1 Manufacturing/Logistics/Marine BOOHYUN Co.,Ltd 중소제조업 통합정보 관리 솔루션 051-633-9633
2 Manufacturing/Logistics/Marine CNS Solutions Co.,Ltd. Seafood distribution open platform ´Bada Neng-Jang-Gor´ 070-8221-8087
3 Manufacturing/Logistics/Marine Glassdome Logistics and manufacturing industry field facility integrated monitoring solution 042-719-8114
4 Manufacturing/Logistics/Marine Medicisoft Manufacturing video, Easy AI solution specializing in manufacturing energy 02-6349-0047
5 Manufacturing/Logistics/Marine Metariver Technology Co., Ltd. Engineering computation software using GPU computation technology and particle-based analysis technology 070-7523-1685
6 Manufacturing/Logistics/Marine RetiGrid.Co.,Ltd Total solutions for energy metering/analysis 02-6427-1212
7 Manufacturing/Logistics/Marine TAESUNG S&E Inc. One-stop total solution based on engineering 02-2117-0186
8 Manufacturing/Logistics/Marine Vazil Company, inc. Industrial Robot Education Sharing Platform 051-609-9633
9 Manufacturing/Logistics/Marine WEBPRIME. Co. Ltd. RPA-based logistics big data AI analysis service 02-564-5003
10 HR/Finance/Enterprise solution Chak Song Inc. Error remittance easy return service 010-2665-0577
11 HR/Finance/Enterprise solution CY Co., Ltd. All-in-one app service for startup leaders 031-388-8725
12 HR/Finance/Enterprise solution DOUZONE BIZON Cloud-based ERP, Groupware Services 02-6233-3000
13 HR/Finance/Enterprise solution e-glue Cloud Corp. Outlook Add-In Solution 070-8065-5105
14 HR/Finance/Enterprise solution GOLD BRIDGE Individually owned web/app shopping mall for small business owners 051-291-0202
15 HR/Finance/Enterprise solution HEROWORKS. Co,. Ltd. Accommodation Revenue Management System 051-523-2594
16 HR/Finance/Enterprise solution JANDA Digital Business Card Service ´Witty´ 1833-4157
17 HR/Finance/Enterprise solution MangoCloud Intelligent Content Integrated Management System 051-501-2248
18 HR/Finance/Enterprise solution Ninehire Inc. SaaS-based recruitment management solution 070-8671-2254
19 HR/Finance/Enterprise solution ONYCOM, INC. Mobile Performance Monitoring Solutions 02-541-0080
20 HR/Finance/Enterprise solution POSTECH Co., Ltd. Integrated solutions such as kiosks and forces 1588-8689
21 Cloud Management/Infra/Security Cloocus co.,ltd. Cloud Management Services 02-597-3400
22 Cloud Management/Infra/Security Cloudbric Corporation Cloud-based Web Security Services 02-2125-5625
23 Cloud Management/Infra/Security ETEVERS Cloud Management Services 02-6004-7000
24 Cloud Management/Infra/Security Kakao Enterprise Cloud infrastructure services. 031-600-1000
25 Cloud Management/Infra/Security MEGAZONECLOUD Cloud Management Services 1644-2243
26 Cloud Management/Infra/Security Pentasecurity Systems Cloud Security Solutions 02-780-7728
27 Cloud Management/Infra/Security STCLab Inc. Cloud-based virtual waiting room solution 02-3453-1424
28 Cloud Management/Infra/Security TILON Co., Ltd. Cloud Infrastructure Software Company 02-2627-9000
29 Healthcare/Edu/MICE 3D FOCUS Inc. Metabus Construction Safety Platform 02-547-9112
30 Healthcare/Edu/MICE e-ncom Smart Health Monitoring 051-932-0001
31 Healthcare/Edu/MICE Kyeongseong Technology Co.,Ltd Eye Marker, a solution to prevent disappearance during outdoor activities in infant and child facilities 051-783-3732
32 Healthcare/Edu/MICE Nuvilab Inc. AI Food Scanner 02-2051-5721
33 Healthcare/Edu/MICE THE WELL Web creation tool-based platform service for exhibition events 070-8722-6321
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