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Exhibition Overview

Exhibition Overview

Exhibition Overview : 일시, 전시 공간, 참여기업을 표시하는 표입니다.
Date 1ST SEP 2021 ~ 3rd SEP 2021
Exhibition Venue BEXCO Exhibition Center Ⅱ
Participating Companies Domestic 35 Companies related in Cloud industry

Participating Company List

Participating Company List
No Business classification Company Name Product information Phone Homepage Online exhibition
1 BPR Service EasyGeo Co.,Ltd Cloud-based production site pop management system 051-327-4047
2 BPR Service HEROWORKS Cloud-based revenue management system for hospitality industry 051-523-2594
3 BPR Service Hyundai ICT Co.,Ltd. Cloud-based customer management solutions 02-6263-2770
4 BPR Service JANDA Cloud-based reservation management system 1833-4157
5 BPR Service MangoCloud Cloud-based electronic documentation services 051-501-2248
6 BPR Service Modusign Cloud-based electronic contracting services 1522-5941
7 BPR Service Sammi Computer Cloud-based integrated MES, WMS systems 02-790-5505
8 BPR Service samwooimmersion Cloud-based on-site collaboration solutions 051-977-0301
9 BPR Service SOFTPLAN Co.,Ltd Cloud-based absenteeism and salary management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses 1899-4865
10 BPR Service Tech Space Cloud-based coding automation solution for SaaS 010-7288-2286
11 BPR Service TigerCompany Cloud-based groupware 1668-3708
12 BPR Service TOTAL SOFT BANK LTD. Cloud-based shipping port logistics (shipment, terminal) systems 070-4733-1000
13 Platform Service Daliworks Cloud-based IoT platform 02-2274-3254
14 Platform Service GDcommunication Co., Ltd. Cloud-based virtual exhibition platform 051-715-6537
15 Platform Service PLZ Co., Ltd Cloud-based shipping agency platform 1644-9051
16 Cloud Management BESPINGLOBAL Tech Center Cloud Management Service 1668-1280
17 Cloud Management Clunix, Inc. Solutions that transform R&D applications S/W into SaaS 02-3486-5896
18 Cloud Management MegazoneCloud Cloud Management Service 1644-2243
19 Cloud Management NAMUTECH Cloud-based application integrated management platform 02-3288-7900
20 Cloud Management UPLEXsoft Co.,Ltd Cloud-based virtualization solutions 02-508-6808
21 Security/Healthcare/ETC Dream Security Co., Ltd. Cybersecurity platforms to realize dreams of our customers 02-2233-5533
22 Security/Healthcare/ETC Kyeong Seong Technology Cloud-based outdoor activity prevention solution for infants and children 051-783-3731
23 Security/Healthcare/ETC Terenz Co., Ltd COVID-19 and 14 different lung disease detection AI solutions with cloud-based chest X-Rays 051-791-2021
24 Education Service HEYUMICT Co., Ltd Cloud-based, non-face-to-face training platform 051-921-2321
25 Education Service ISCommunications Co., Ltd. Cloud-based knowledge content services platform 051-731-6601
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