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Online Conference

Online Conference Program

1st Sep 2021(Wed), Day 1

This is a table showing the structure of the Conference Program 1 Day : Time, Programs, Speaker, Download.
[ Cloud of New-Normal Era ]
Time Programs Speaker Download
Opening & Welcoming Speech 15:00~15:01 Opening Host  
15:01~15:04 Busan metropolitan city Opening speech
(Pre-recording transmission)
Heong Joon Park
15:04~15:07 National IT Industry Promotion Agency, Welcoming speech
(Pre-recording transmission)
Chang Yeong Kim
15:07~15:10 Ministry of Science and ICT, Congratulatory speech
(Pre-recording transmission)
Kyeongsik Cho
The 2nd Vice Minister
Keynote Speech 15:10~15:35 Keynote speech
(Pre-recording transmission)
Kakao Enterprise
Andrew Baek, CEO
15:35~16:00 Keynote speech
WHY, has the private cloud become a vaccine reservation system troubleshooter?
Bespin global
HanJoo Lee, CEO & Co-founder
Cloud Trends and Policy direction 16:00~16:30 Marketplace, End of Cloud DigiformerSaaSlab Co., Ltd.
Youngsoo Lee, Founder/CEO
16:30~17:00 Main infrastructure of Cloud ‘Date Center’ GS E&C
Jae Kwon Yang, Senior Vice President
17:00~17:30 The public sector for Digital New Deal. Cloud Transformation Cases and Strategies Megazone K-Cloud Group
Joshua Cho, CEO

2nd Sep 2021(Thu) Day 2

This is a table showing the structure of the Conference Program 2 Day : Time, Programs, Speaker, Download.
[ Cloud technology & industry-specific applications ]
Time Programs Speaker Download
The Talent required of Cloud industry 10:00~10:30 Prepare for employment by identifying the talent of IT service companies. DOUZONE BIZON CO., LTD.
Jun Yoon,
Team Manager
10:30~11:00 Core Value of Vespin Global and the image of qualified employee of company Bespinglobal
Sungbok Jo, Team Leader
11:00~11:30 classroom for everyone who wants to learn anytime, anywhere Elice
Daniel Kim, Vice President / COO
Cloud Native and Convergence Technology 13:00~13:30 Introducing Cloud Native Technologies and Convergence Technologies MegazoneCloud
Byungwook Kang, Manager
13:30~14:00 Data Governance Best Practices in the Cloud QueryPie
Brant Hwang, CEO
Cloud Applicable Cases in Public Sector 14:00~14:30 Strategy for Digital Transformation in the Public Sector Kakao Enterprise
BoKuk Seo, Cloud Business Division Business Lead
14:30~15:00 Leveraging Cloud in Crisis Response Bespinglobal
Public/Finnance Unit Ohjoon Sung, Tech Leader
15:00~15:30 Data-driven policies for innovation Quebec Government Office in Seoul
Andrew Lim, Research & Innovation Attache
Cloud Applicable Cases for each industry 15:30~16:00 An example of the commercialization of the cloud in the face recognition business
(Beginning the FaceOne business and commercializing cloud serverless technology)
Dream Security Co.,Ltd
Harkhoon Kim, Team Leader
16:00~16:30 Digital Transformation in Manufacturing and How Companies Work using the Cloud Tigercompany, Inc.
Yang ho Jo, Manager
16:30~17:00 Digital Transformation Led by SaaS-based electronic contracts MODUSIGN
Sanghyun Park, Vice president